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Launching the Leading Moms Podcast

We are so thrilled to announce the launch of the Leading Moms Podcast!

Tune in every other week for all the best talks since 2012.

A platform where every mom has a story, Leading Moms started as an annual one-day event in Vancouver, BC, with an aim for each mom to recognize her significance and belonging, gain a sense of mastery and be impactful in her business, community – or the simple everyday of her family.

Now these thought-provoking, inspirational talks are available on this podcast. Join your host Christine Pilkington, entrepreneur, publisher and TV mom expert, every other week as she shares the best talks from the past six years.

You can subscribe to the Leading Moms Podcast on Apple Podcasts and YouTube. Use another podcast service? You can also add our podcast feed to any podcast player.

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