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One Million Moms

We are not just a blog. And we are not simply an influencer.

We are both – and more.

What started on a living room couch in 2009 has now become a top resource for moms on how to “do” Vancouver with kids.

We have a vibrant online publication with articles posted daily, plus a highly engaged audience on social media.

But beyond that, we are a trusted expert frequently seen on the likes of CTV, CBC and more. And are backed by a team of experienced journalists and marketers.

All of that is to say: your brand has the potential to reach a million moms by choosing

The Best Way to Reach Local Moms

Whether it’s generating leads for your photography business, booking more spaces in your summer camps, or simply getting the word out about your business, is the essential way to reach moms in our city. We are the top online resource for moms in Vancouver.

We work with enterprises of all sizes

Our advertisers include large enterprises and small local businesses, tourism or cultural organizations, local attractions targeting parents, and educational camps and schools.


We are the top local resource for moms because we have significant reach in multiple channels: our website, social media, email. We even host events for up to 200 moms and our partners frequently appear on our segments on CTV, CBC and more.

Beyond VM

We also create custom influencer outreach campaigns, meaningful live events, and results-driven PPC advertising campaigns through Facebook, Instagram and Google. We specialize in creating marketing campaigns for moms.



Reach moms through articles, giveaways and more.



92k reach / 12k engagements per month



Clickable IG stories available for direct linking


email subscribers

Send targeted emails to Vancouver moms

VM Packages

Higher value. Deeper engagement.

The most effective way to work with us is through one of our packages. With a deeper connection, we are best able to represent your business. Plus you benefit from package pricing, potential media mentions and more.

Community Builders

The potential to reach over 1M moms

These 6- to 12-month campaigns drive real results with big value, including:

  • Sponsored articles, email blasts, social media campaigns, giveaways and more
  • Your brand on virtually every page of our website
  • At least one influencer campaign
  • Special event sponsorship

PLUS: Our Community Builders are a priority for our media spots and are generally included one or more times during their campaign.

VM Picks: Themed Guides

$350 to $2,000

VM Picks are themed guides that are relevant to our audience – and reliably featured on TV and radio. Don’t be the only business not featured on one of our guides.

Opportunities include:

  • Spring Break and Summer Camp Lists
  • Summer Bucket List, Rainy Day Guide (Fall), Holiday Guide
  • VM Picks: Dentists, Family Photographers, Birthday Party Ideas

PLUS: VM Flexible Scheduling allows you to be able to schedule non-guide specific assets like your social media campaign, email blasts and sponsored articles, anytime during the year for a year-round presence on

Integrated Digital Campaigns

Looking for something specific? Crisp Media can design a targeted integrated package that hits multiple channels: web, social, email, influencers and more. Contact us and we’ll create a customized campaign to meet your needs.

Build Your VM Package

Solutions starting from $350

Reach 25k Vancouver moms and share the details about your brand. We’ll write a 250 to 350-word article about your product and service. We ensure that your article will be seen: We’ll share it on Facebook and Instagram, with a paid advertising boost to ensure you’ll get the reach. Plus, your article will be included in our weekly newsletter, sent to over 7,000 subscribers.

A post on our social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram stories, linking directly to your URL. With a paid boost on social media, we’ll ensure that your posts are seen to the audience you’re looking for.

We have a list of over 7,000 subscribers with high open and click-through rates. We know that our emails get read! Mark your mark, either through a dedicated e-blast – an email all about you and your message – or sponsor one of our Weekly Newsletters.

Our readers love our giveaways! Choose Facebook Flash Giveaway, where participants enter to win a smaller prize through comments or Facebook messenger. Or select a Grand Prize Giveaway, which comes with promotion on our channels.

Looking for something straight-forward yet effective? Our VM Business Listings are well-indexed by Google and are frequently referred to by our readers. Get your dedicated business page on for an entire year.


We have worked with hundreds of enterprises, local businesses and agencies over the past decade. Here's why they choose us:

Where Moms Go

Moms trust to provide the best information on where to eat, shop and play in our city.

We Are Everywhere

We have a presence on social, web, email and even live events. We can reach moms on their preferred channel.


We are published by a team of journalists and experienced marketers, which means that we produce solid content and understand your promotional needs.

Boutique Service

You’ll get personalized service and are free to pick up the phone anytime to get ahold of our team.

An Added Boost

We support our sponsored articles and social media posts with ad spend dollars, which means that we ensure that your campaign will actually be seen by Vancouver moms.


Whether it’s brand awareness or generating leads, It starts with us first figuring out what your goals are – and then designing a campaign geared to your objectives.